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Ideas and Inspiration

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Jon Kolb is an exercise physiologist working with a wide range of clients--from top athletes to children and adults with significant cognitive and physical challenges. He earned All-American honors in college football and four Super Bowl rings playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2021 Jon was nominated for the NFL Salute to Service Award, and elected to the Steelers Hall of Honor Class.
Zia Terry, age 12, takes on the challenge of a 40-meter ski jump. Fear is a tap on the shoulder to get our attention, but it should not be our master.
When Harry Lieberman's chess partner at the Golden Age Club called in sick, a young volunteer suggested he go to the art room and paint a picture. "Me? Paint? I don't even know how to hold a brush." The volunteer persisted, and Harry yielded. At age 81, Harry took an art course led by artist Larry Rivers.  Harry complained, "Mr. Rivers, you think I have the measles? How come you go to everyone saying, 'Do this, do that'? But you never come near me once?" Rivers said, "What you are doing, Mr. Lieberman, I couldn't do. So how can I correct you?" He followed by offering to buy one of Harry's paintings. Many of Harry's paintings hang in museums. At the age of 101, he had his 22nd one-person show, hosting some 400 attendees at a prestigious Los Angeles gallery. Lieberman's art career spanned 26 years. His challenge to others: "Don't think how old you are. Think only of what you can accomplish. Go do!."
Two Heroes worth emulating:
Dr. Bruce Bickle and one courageous young man.
Genes Jones set records as a power lifter at the age of 80, but he did not engage in weight lifting till he was 68.  With a change in lifestyle--healthier eating and regular exercise he lost 55 pounds.

Hall of Fame wrestling coach, Johnny Rouse, takes on the greatest challenge of his life.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, entering the world with a most severe learning disability, could not understand logic or cause and effect. She could not tell time on a standard clock. If she were to place her hand on a hot surface, she felt the pain but had no idea of its source. She was disconnected from her body’s left side and had a poor sense of the space and objects surrounding her, often bumping into things. She could not find her way around, even in places often visited, such as her best friend’s home. She said language was extremely challenging and made no more sense to her than Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky poem.
    Barbara became determined to challenge her disabilities head-on. Creating novel ways of overcoming these barriers, she was able to succeed on all fronts. She can now think logically, comprehend and remember what she reads, has become in touch with the left side of her body, can tell time on a standard clock, and enjoys getting around with the use of maps and her sense of direction rather than relying on a GPS. Barbara completed a master’s degree and opened a successful school in Canada for children with learning
disabilities. Many of her ideas have been implemented in schools across both Canada and the United States. She is the author of an inspiring book entitled, "The Woman Who Changed Her Brain."
     Her website:

Rashad Jennings--an amazing man with an inspiring story. (Check him out on the web)

George Blair, not your typical 85 year old.

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Ideas and inspiration on how to kick the habit - and QUIT SMOKING

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