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Choosing Health   Flipbook (eBook)

The Journal addresses each major area of life

Choosing Health
Journal and Guide

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The paperback (8.5 x 11) copy of Choosing Health is available from Amazon ($14.95)
For a limited time, Amazon is offering the book for $9.73

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Choosing Health
Interactive Exercises/Surveys
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About downloading the Interactive PDF formatted pages
You can open a survey by clicking on its icon.
1) Ensure that you have the most recent Adobe Reader on your computer. The button below takes you to the site where you can download the Reader. (It is free; the Pro version is not.)

2) To download to your computer:  Open a page by clicking the PDF icon. On the right side of the black bar at the top of the opened page, click the down arrow .

3) After downloading to your computer, save the file. 


Comprehensive Exercise Vault
with Video Instruction and Templates
Across Seven Exercise Categories

Activity Interest  Survey

Discovering your PURPOSE

Your Life Vision
Action Plan

Health Risk Factors

2022 Par-Q +
Is it OK for me to begin an exercise program?

Health Survey

Rockport One Mile Aerobic Fitness Test

Success Survey
What about you says you will reach your most valued goals.

What is your potential and passion?

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